Friday, July 22, 2016

Meath Coast #163

The coast line of County Meath is about 10 kilometers long - the second shortest in Ireland after County Leitrim (4 kilometers). It is also a continuous beach from the mouth of the Boyne to the border with County Dublin. My first stop was at the mouth of the Boyne at Mornington to see the Maiden's Tower and Lady's Finger (the latter looking more like a phallus than a finger!). These two structures may have been navigational aids for ships entering and leaving the River Boyne. The original name of the Maiden Tower was Mayden Tower, so seemingly nothing to do with young ladies.

The Boathouse and Maiden's Tower.
Lady's Finger.
I stopped in Bettystown at Reddan's Bar for a soup and sandwich lunch. The village has a holiday feel to it - Reddan's is close to an amusement park and the roads have sand blown in from the beach at the edge. 

Reddan's of Bettystown.
Further south I stopped at Laytown to admire the long beach - horse races are held here each September. It was a beautiful day and in the distance I could see the Cooley mountains and the Mountains of Mourne. I also admired a sculpture by Linda Brunker called "Voyager" looking out to sea. 

Laytown Beach.
"Voyager" by Linda Brunker.
After Laytown I had to head inland to Julianstown as there is no bridge across the River Nanny. There is not much left to see before the border with Dublin, I stopped at the Mosney Centre, but did not go in - I was last here when I was a youngster on a school trip in the 1960s.

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