Saturday, July 30, 2016

First print copy of republished "Exploring Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way" #WildAtlanticWay #155

I arrived back in Dublin yesterday after a couple of weeks in Wexford to find a new delivery of my Wild Atlantic Way book. This was my first copy printed to order by Createspace. While I am not classifying it as a second edition, it does have some changes with a couple of photos removed, new ones added, and two replaced with a better version. While the first version had a far superior, more professional, layout - I'm quite pleased with my own efforts at self-publishing. 

Old version on left, new on right.

At £26.90 (€32 approx) in Amazon, this is far too expensive for this book - this is the cheapest that Amazon allow me to set it. Add in postage and there would not be much change out of €40. While I'm happy that the book is available in print, I have very low expectations for print sales due to cost. I can order copies myself at a much reduced price ($20.29 including postage), and can do so for anyone who would like a copy.

Work now begins on a Kindle version which will be far cheaper - I'm hoping I can sell it at about $5.00 with no postage costs.

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