Saturday, June 02, 2012

New iPad Keyboard

iPad keyboard
There are a lot of gadgets for the iPad and the first one I've bought is the IPAD-2 ALUMINUN BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD/ STAND/CARRY COVER. Now this is cool! It is a fully functional keyboard which effectively turns your iPad into a laptop - I am typing this post with it. It is also a cover which looks like the iPad reverse side - very strong and good looking too. It does make the iPad heavier when carrying both, but it is a reassuring strength. The keyboard is small - especially for big awkward fingers like mine, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. The biggest thing to get over is not having a mouse or touchpad - but the touch screen still works of course. Already I am getting used to typing and touching at the same time. 

So whenever I need a laptop, I can turn my iPad into one. I think I will still use it mostly as a tablet, but when writing long items like this post, a keyboard is very useful - not to mention more space on the screen to see what I have written.

I'd certainly recommend this gadget. I bought it on Amazon for 23 euro (just discovered that there is no euro symbol) and it was delivered within two days.

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