Monday, June 18, 2012

PhD in Googling

There are so many things that you can do with Google Search, but most of us are unaware of them. Last week I wrote about Google Search at the Speed of Light, where I used an Infographic from Masable to show how a Google Search works. Below is a slide show from who have "compiled a comprehensive list of Google search tips in this infographic that will help you get  your “PhD” in Googling". For example - did you know that the search bar is also a calculator? Or that you can search for information in documents of a specific type? Or get definitions of words? Or find the weather and time in specific locations? 

So - check out the slide show below to improve your Google Search skills. Who wants 60,000,000 search results when a little bit of knowledge of a few simple commands will narrow down your searches to what you really want.

I also note that typing in some of the commands in the Google Search bar is a bit like the old MS-DOS prompt (or Command Line for you UNIX folks). The prompt/command line hasn't gone away you know!

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