Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Sunday Choir for Summer

Today at Mass was my last participation at choir for the summer. There is one Sunday left before the St John the Baptist Choir in Blackrock takes a summer break, but I will be missing as I am going to Spain on Thursday. I have to say that the past nine months in the choir have been very enjoyable. It is a small choir and I feel that I am improving slowly week-by-week. There has been a lot of learning for me as there is new material almost every week. I look forward to the Autumn when I will be a veteran and should be able to know the words and music from now on. Though I can just about read music, I also look forward to the day when I can sing without any mistakes.

By far the most enjoyable piece of music that we do for me is Mozart's Ave Verum (Hail, true body). We also had this in Croke Park last Sunday. It is a beautiful piece of music and I think that our small choir does a really good job on it. Below is a YouTube video by the Bow Valley Chorus from Banff in Canada - I think you'll see why we enjoy it so much: 

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