Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seven Questions on e-Learning by Marc Rosenberg

What questions should managers and e-Learning developers answer when asked about creating a quality e-Learning programme? One of the world's leading authorities on e-Learning, Marc Rosenberg, writing in Learning Solutions Magazine, poses the following seven questions "each time you begin a development project, you will substantially increase the likelihood of a much better product":
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  1. What are the success criteria and the metrics?
  2. Who is the learning for, and why?
  3. What are the content and context parameters?
  4. How deep should it go?
  5. What type of learning is this?
  6. How much time is available?
  7. How will it be delivered?

    1. Rosenberg recommends that these questions be asked "up-front" by gathering "clients, SMEs, and stakeholders" together for a short time before the project starts. He reckons that building "eLearning can seem daunting because it’s both science and art".

      I wonder how many e-Learning projects fail because these important questions are not asked?
    While all seven questions are important, question #5 "What type of learning is this?" is most important for me. Rosenberg writes "Albert Einstein famously said that he didn't want to bother memorizing things he could look up, but Julia Child wanted people to internalize food preparation because she didn't like them relying on recipes". These are two very different learning strategies as every learner will want to know what must be memorized and what not to. What can simply be referenced later when needed, and what needs to be mastered now. This question (and the others too) should be asked of all types of learning and teaching - there is a lesson for us all here. I hope we learn from it.

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