Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lucky escape?

This evening a light switch started to smoke in our front hall. The hall light came on by itself, and we noticed a flashing light and smoke coming from the light switch. I killed the downstairs lights fuse.

It may not be linked, but we had the wallpaper in the hall removed  today with a steam cleaner and I'm wondering if some water got into the switch and caused a "short"? With wallpaper removed from the wall a potential fire hazard was gone.

Cue - light fuses off.

Cue - check fire alarms (both). Working.

Cue - staying up for a while just to be sure.

Cue - a major sigh of relief. If this happened in an hour or so we would have been fast asleep in bed, and we might have been reading about a house fire in the Celestial Times  tomorrow.


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