Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The DIT e-Learning Summer School #elss12

Today I had the honour of presenting a workshop at the 10th Annual e-Learning Summer School that is hosted by the good folks in the Dublin Institute of Technology - my first time ever at a Summer School. My topic was about using YouTube for e-Learning, and I think it went down well (I got 10 new Twitter followers!) despite some technical hitches in the lab part of the workshop. There are about 40 people from third level Colleges in Ireland attending the Summer School and hopefully they all got something out of using YouTube for educational purposes, and to create content themselves. Below are my slides I used in the first part of the workshop:
I was one of three presenters on the day. Before me was Tom Hayes from Trinity who gave an excellent talk about how Trinity College uses iTunes U for recorded lectures. I am jealous of all the goodies they have to do this, but nevertheless as always, a lack of resources is slowing down progress. In the afternoon Bernie Goldback of Limerick IT gave a really interesting presentation on ePublishing - mostly about getting lecturers to publishing content, such as their notes, for the Kindle and iPad platforms. But the most amazing thing about Bernie is that he knows so much stuff and uses an awful lot of cool gadgets and applications to do what he needs to do. Follow him on Twitter (@topgold) to keep up with the latest in learning and technology.

Overall - a very inspiring day and it was a pleasure to meet so many people with an interest in YouTube and e-Learning.

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