Saturday, June 09, 2012

End of Academic Year

This week marks the end of the academic year in our College as Exam Boards mark the completion of learning and teaching before the summer break. Results will be published next week and it will be time to put another year behind us and to look forward to the next academic year starting in September. This was my 10th academic year at NCI and I have loved every minute of it!

End of Academic Year!
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June is supposed to be a time for catch up and some writing after all exams have been marked. It often is a relatively easy month which is very welcome after the hectic months of April and May. I have 12 full working days left this month before I go on holidays. As a Lecturer I get a generous 31 days holidays a year, so I will be off from the end of June to early August. My fellow Lecturers in the Institutes of Technology get from June 20th to September 1st, plus longer breaks at  Christmas and Easter - so envious!

So what do I plan to do for the remaining 12 working days this month? Well I have to block off two full days for extra teaching that I have been assigned. I am also presenting a workshop at the DIT e-Learning Summer School on June 20th, I'm really looking forward to this as it is the first time taking part in this annual event - my topic will be "e-Learning and YouTube". There is also a Faculty Development day set aside, and I will be attending Exam Boards in another College this month too. Finally - there are company visits to our 3rd year students in their work placements, I have five to do so this will take up most of a day. So before I know it, there are six days already blocked off, and all of a sudden my 12 remaining days is looking busy! In the other six days I will be working on a new Data Analytics programme and also want to write some material on Education and YouTube. So looking forward to holidays!

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