Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holiday Time - Yippee!!!

It's just gone 5.30 and I am now officially on me holliers ("my holidays/on vacation" for those of you outside Dublin)! On Thursday I'm off to Spain, after which I will spend some time in Wexford. I am also planning a tour of Ireland on my newly fixed up Harley.

Ahhhh - holidays!
Image source: Bernie Travel Ltd.
The past academic year completes 10 years in NCI for me and I have to say I've loved every minute of it (well almost every minute!). Last year was easily the busiest for me as I seemed to have a lot more extra-curricular activities.

As a College Lecturer I get great holidays (31 days) - so I'm off for six weeks. Though not nearly as good as my colleagues in the Institutes of Technology who are off from June 20th to September 1st - so jealous!

I intend to keep up the blogging through-out the summer, though it will not be as easy while travelling. I'm going with the iPad and Blogger+ for blogging - it is not as good as a PC and is much more restrictive for formatting things like embedded photos and video.

Happy Holidays!!!

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