Monday, June 25, 2012

Harley in Hospital

The bike went on fire last Thursday morning - well at least there was smoke coming out of the ignition which is placed on top of the petrol tank. Following on from our previous Lucky Escape when a light switch also smouldered with smoke, I'm beginning to wonder if there is a trend developing here. 

My Bike.
While on the new Samuel Beckett bridge close to the College on my way to work, the bike suddenly cut out. I got it re-started with a bit of bother, but moments later in the college car park I spotted and smelled the smoke - a bit disconcerting.

Despite some great effort by electricians in the College to get it going again, it would not start. On Saturday morning I brought it to Motorcycle City where Brian and Graham are experts in fixing everything Harley. I have big plans for a tour of Ireland this summer, so I'm so glad that this did not happen on the Connemara cost - miles from everywhere. Hopefully I can pick it up tomorrow after work. I have the bike over nine years now and it has become part of me. I hope to blog a lot about my Tour of Ireland - more on this in upcoming posts.

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