Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cork person holding my book

At work yesterday I was preparing a short presentation for next week's DIT e-Learning Summer School and I needed a graphic representing NCI. I'm sure there is a sample of graphics somewhere on the College's network, but I decided to try a Google image search instead. Looking through the search for something suitable I recognized Phil Chambers of the Business Analysts Association of Ireland in one of the images where he was featured in an article in the Cobh Edition On-Line Newspaper - NATIONAL COLLEGE OF IRELAND SAYS YES TO CORK

Image link to The Cobh Edition.
In 2010 we had planned to deliver the Certificate in Business Analysis (I teach one of the three modules) in Cork. Unfortunately we did not get enough students to run the course.

Anyway - I did not recognise the other two people in the photo which was taken in Cork for the May 26th 2010 edition of the Cobh Edition. However, on closer inspection I recognized the cover of my book An Introduction to Business Systems Analysis which is being held by the lady in the photo. I had not heard about this and missed my 15 seconds of fame in Cork.

The book has not sold well - about 400 to date since it was published in early 2010. However, I am pleased that it has raised just over €2,000 for the NCI Foundation in that time as I have donated all proceeds from book sales to the Foundation. This has mostly been from the College's allocation from the publisher (The Liffey Press), which is now sold out. I noticed recently that at the start of a new module that the Amazon Bestseller's Ranking of the book jumped from about 600,000 to about 74,000. It has fallen back to 478,122 today. Hopefully the course will run again next year and a few more will sell.

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