Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Assessment Innovation

Today I attended a Faculty Development Workshop facilitated by Phil Race and Sally Brown. I had attended a similar event in NCI a year or so ago and felt a sense of deja vu about today. While Race and Brown are very knowledgeable and entertaining - I felt that I had been through the process before and perhaps did not get as much out of it as a first timer might have (attendance today was compulsory for all Faculty).

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Innovation in assessment is an interesting subject, and we discussed many ideas today. I liked the "Six Honest Men" approach - Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How does assessment take place. We also had many interesting tasks, such as "What went wrong?" and "What one thing would you change?".

However, my enduring feeling about "Faculty Development" days is that very little changes and we end up doing the same as we always have done. As I walked out the door of the seminar room, I realised that I had no plan to modify any assessment for next year. I have only a few days left before summer holidays with a lot to do. So I will return to College in August with just a few weeks to go to the new semester - I'm expecting to be assigned two new modules. No time for innovation. 

Plus ├ža change.

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