Sunday, February 28, 2010

YouTube on a roll - 60,000 views

Yesterday (27th February), views on my YouTube channel passed the 60,000 mark - while this is an extremely modest number of views compared to other channels, I still can't believe that so many people are viewing my videos, but I have noticed that the rate of views has increased dramatically over the past month. On 27th January I posted that I had hit the 50,000 view mark - this means that the last 10,000 views occurred over just a one month period (over 320 per day)! My first 10,000 views took place over a two year period (see post of 8th April 2009). I will continue to add some more in both my "How To..." and "Problem-solving techniques" series in the hope that I can reach more people and help them learn some simple and useful techniques. Many people leave comments (mostly positive) - one recent one from dudepr3tdudepr3t:

Oh thank lord!
Now I can put the (Ra-ra-) Rasputin song into my speech about him.
Russian Class is saved!
Thank you!

YouTube provides an interesting Insight option so that you can get some information on the demographics of who is viewing your videos and where they are viewing them from. The charts below are taken from the Insight page and represent all data since I set up the channel (11th December, 2007). Interestingly, most views are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and India - while my audience is mainly male and in the 45-54 age bracket (same as me on both counts).

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