Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Radio Interview with Dr Paul Heslin

I recorded an interview with Dr Paul Heslin for his show on South Dublin Radio (93.9FM) this evening. The studio is at the top of the Dundrum Shopping Center. Paul hopes that the interview will be broadcast on Saturday 27th February next at 3.00pm. This radio station is a voluntary community service that is only available within a 6-8 mile radius of Dundrum.

I very much enjoyed the experience - Paul is a good interviewer and kept the conversation going. It was really more of a chat than a formal interview. We started out talking about my Harley-Davidson experiences before moving on to education. I plugged several courses in the College and hopefully was encouraging to anyone thinking of going back to education. We then moved on to problem-solving where I talked about various creative and more scientific problem-solving techniques. Examples I gave ranged from a car not starting in the morning, to late pizza deliveries on a Saturday night, to customer complaints in a hotel. Paul was particularly interested in the creative techniques such as Camelot, Googlestorming, the Senses, WWJD, and Bouncing ideas off others. Mindful that his audience may not appreciate the techniques covered in my Business Systems Analysis book (though I did talk about Pareto Analysis) - I was keen to keep the examples simple and in tune with everyday life as possible. I also told him my Dad's "Water in the Toolbox" story (I must post about this separately). 

Finally I got the opportunity to mention this blog - the 55 minutes flew by very quickly. Thanks for a very enjoyable evening Paul!

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