Monday, February 22, 2010

Eugene's Blog Nominated for Irish Blog Awards!

Today I received news that Eugene's Blog has been nominated for the 2010 Irish Blog Awards. I am nominated in two categories - Best Specialist Blog and Best Personal Blog. Nominees will be judged in one category only and will be contacted to ask for their preference - mine will be the Best Personal Blog category in which there are a whopping 119 nominees! Thanks to the folks in the NCI Marketing Department for the nomination. 

Several of my NCI colleagues have also been nominated, Abi Reynolds, Jimmy Hill, Leo Casey, and Deryck Tormey - congratulations to one and all! Please drop by and check out their blogtastic (thanks for the new word Emma) blogs.

Blogging is a great experience and I love the freedom to say what I like on any subject that comes to mind. On Saturday last I visited my Aunt Mary who is just starting to learn how to use a computer. I was able to show her a photo of where her mother grew up in Newmarket, Co Cork, census records from 1911 of both her her mother and father, and my story about my grandfather buying me ice cream in Croke Park in 1964. She was fascinated by this - who knows, I may be able to turn her into a blogger too!


  1. Huge congratulations Eugene, the nomination is so well deserved. Blogtastic!

  2. Will look forward to reading Aunty Mary's blog in the near future!

  3. Congrats on the nom Eugene! Best of luck in the finalists' selection.