Saturday, February 13, 2010

Howth-Sutton Lions Club 40th Anniversary Charter Dinner

The tuxedo was on again last evening as I accompanied Roma to the Howth/Sutton Lions Club 40th Anniversary Charter Dinner which was held in the Marine Hotel in Sutton. We were early - the first to arrive at 7.30. As usual at Lions events, Roma and I feel very young - there were very few people there under 60 years of age. Nevertheless, we had a very enjoyable evening - though with quite a big crowd making a lot of noise, I found it very difficult to hear conversation at the table. I danced a little to music provided by two guys called Chris and Cross - the dullest duo I have ever come across. 

Despite the boring speeches that were too many and far too long, you have to be impressed by the fund raising skills of the Howth/Sutton Lions Club - €80,000 in the past year and €2.6 million since they were founded in 1970. Good work!

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