Monday, February 01, 2010

New iPhone 3Gs

Today I purchased my second iPhone - this time a 32GB 3Gs. This replaces my older 8GB 3G version which I got free from O2 in October 2008. 

O2 had contacted me in December with an offer of a voucher to purchase a 16GB version for €99 - in the O2 shop in Henry Street today I used this voucher for the 32GB version instead. It cost a little extra, but it will be worth it over the life time of the iPhone. I'm looking forward to faster 3Gs speeds, as well as some of the extras like being able to shoot video and a better camera. 

The big plus is the extra storage space. I have 12GB of music on my computer and I have had to manage Playlists carefully up to now to fit what I wanted onto the old 8 GB version - not any more. I will also have lots of space left over - I intent to start recording some lectures as podcasts and make them available unedited to students in Moodle. I had hoped to start this from the beginning of the semester, but it will now only be available from week 3. I'll be sure to report back here at the end of the semester on how this goes. 

The changeover experience did not go without a hitch. The new iPhone need a SIM card to activate, but only one without a PIN code. Believe it or not, there was no option on my old iPhone to remove the PIN - I got Kate to insert my SIM card into her Nokia to turn off the PIN. After this, everything worked fine - all my old Apps, contacts, music, etc, were copied from iTunes onto my new iPhone. Overall - apart from the PIN, an effortless exercise.

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