Friday, February 26, 2010

Viva El Presidente

Viva El Presidente (the old one)!

Today is a historic day in NCI as our College President for the past three years is leaving for pastures new. I have to say I liked Dr Paul Mooney and will be sorry to see him go. He always had time for a chat and was very approachable at any time. I particularly commend him for involving as many staff as possible in his early days to generate our new strategy and Mission.

NCI's Mission Statement:

Our mission is to widen participation in higher education and unlock each student's potential. We offer students the opportunity to acquire the skills and self-confidence to change their lives, contribute to a knowledge based economy and become responsible, active citizens. 

Paul was a great inspiration to me to write my book - being very supportive at every stage. He will be missed and I want to wish him well in his new endeavors. This evening there is a Going-Away "do" for him which I will attend. I do want to say goodbye and also check out my film debut! 

Viva El Presidente (the new one)!

Dr Phillip Matthews comes to NCI as President from the Smurfit Business School - he is probably more well known for his exploits on the rugby pitch. We both have something in common! We are the same age (50), and both have PhDs based on research of molluscs found on the sea shore around Ireland. In Phillip's case it was Littorina, in my case Calliostoma. Phillip attended Queen's University Belfast (while I went to Trinity) - I even still have a copy of his research abstract from a 1985 Zoology Postgraduate's Conference Proceedings held in the QUB Marine Biology Station in Portaferry, Co Down. Something to talk about when we finally meet!

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