Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frustration recording lectures

I decided when I got my new iPhone that I would use it to record lectures as it has four times the memory space of my older iPhone. For some reason that I can't unravel - the Voice Recorder App only allows me to record for 15 seconds. This is despite the fact that Apple touts it as an App that can be used to record lectures and meetings. I have tried a few more Apps - the best and easiest to use was Audio Recorder from Newpea Software. It was €7.99 - not cheap for an App. It works great - I just switch it on (I have a mike to clip to my shirt), and it records my lecture as an MP3 file. Sound quality is good - though some of my earlier recordings suffer from noise due to me wearing the clip too high up my shirt.

The only problem is - how the hell do I get the MP3 files off my iPhone and onto my computer? No email option. Syncing won't do either - iTunes does not pick up the recordings (it does for Voice Recorder, but as mine are only 15 seconds long, this isn't much use). Newpea very "helpfully" tell us that the files are located in the following folder:


but since the iPhone cannot be browsed like an external hard drive - I am at a loss as to how to navigate to this folder so that I can copy the files. 

I have tried some Apps that claim to be able to browse the iPhone. While some are useful (eg to copy songs to a second computer that you do not sync with) - none so far has the capability to show me the contents of the above folder. The Apps I have tried are iFile and Discoverer - I have also tried Windows clients such as iPhone Explorer, iPhone Browser.

Meanwhile, the recordings of my lectures are still on my iPhone. Everyone I have talked to who has an iPhone reports that they do not have a 15 second limit for Voice Recorder - how can this be changed, I can't find a settings option anywhere? Does anyone know about a browser that will explore all files on the iPhone - not just existing songs, movies, and photos?

I have mentioned this in class and several students have offered tips and hints - but so far nothing is working for me. I'll keep trying!


  1. Put this question out to twitter and I'm sure someone will have an answer for you...

  2. iPhones aren't designed to create or share digital content unless you're able to pull the content onto iTunes, line it out, or syndicate it. I would use AudioBoo as your app and then let the app syndicate your Boos. You can browse the Boos and download them on any device.