Friday, September 23, 2011

YouTube Launches Site Specifically for Teachers

YouTube is recognising the importance of video in the classroom by launching a new site YouTube for Teachers. I'm not sure what is going to happen to TeacherTube (which has been around for quite a while) or where this new site fits in with the YouTude EDU strategy. An article by Tina Barseghian for the Mind/Shift web site entitled "YouTube Launches Site Specifically for Teachers" also predicts that "a bigger announcement will be made about huge changes that will address many of the concerns teachers have had about using YouTube videos".

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From what I have seen, YouTube are struggling with dealing with a plethora of educational videos. They obviously see the value in using YouTube as a medium for learning - but with various versions of their site for TeacherTube, the new YouTube Teacher, YouTube EDU, plus "Education" and "How To" categories on the regular YouTube site, it is a slightly confusing picture. I'm sure the YouTube folks are working on a plan to simplify their educational landscape.

I can see for myself what my own (modest) efforts at education via YouTube can do. One of the lines from the new YouTube Teacher channel home page that I like is:

Go from teaching 25 students to 25,000! Students all over the world deserve access to quality instruction. By sharing your videos, you can help students around the world.

In the last two weeks alone my own channel (Learn with YouTube) had over 24,000 views by learners. My classroom efforts at College reached just under 100 students. Spot the difference?

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