Monday, September 12, 2011

Problem-Solving Techniques #19: GoogleStorming

Here is one of the easiest and quickest problem-solving technique that anybody can do - GoogleStorming. It is a variation on Brainstorming, but you use Google instead of a team of people, to brainstorm some ideas. The idea of it seems to have been developed by Joyce Wycoff in an article for the Innovation Network - a copy of the article can be found here - (see page 6). Wycoff writes: "You're sitting at your desk chewing on something that has been troubling you for weeks. You need a new idea but do not know where to look. You need something fast, something easy, something you can do yourself without calling a lot of other folks together. What's the answer? Googlestorming!". 

The idea of GoogleStorming is a simple one - here it is in simple steps:
  1. Pick an object at random
  2. Google it
  3. Click on one of the top five links returned in the Google search
  4. "Wander" through what you have found for new ideas
  5. See if what you find can stimulate your mind to come up with a new perspective to help you solve your problem
As Wycoff puts it "Googlestorming is a way of wandering without leaving your desk". I made a YouTube video which describes this technique and it also shows an example of using GoogleStorming for helping to solve the problem of sustaining change using a paper clip!

I now have 51 videos on the channel and have added quite a few over the past few weeks. These new videos still have very low viewing stats, but I hope that this will build up over time. I also noted a spike in overall viewing figures last week when about 1,900 views occurred on Wednesday 7th September - my highest ever daily figure! I'm closing in on the half a million mark - at the current rate of viewing, this should happen sometime in the next 3-4 weeks.

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