Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running to school! How do we maintain this enthusiasm?

This morning on my way to work at about 8.30 I saw a young primary school girl running in the direction of her school. There were lots of other kids about walking, so I'm certain that she was not running because she was late. I was impressed by her determined enthusiasm as she ran - I'd say she was about 10 years old.

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Can every day be like this? Wouldn't be wonderful if students of all levels of education ran to school or to college? I don't know why the girl this morning was running - perhaps she wanted to meet her friends before class. Perhaps her teacher had arranged a pre-class session with her. Perhaps she wanted to be early for school. Perhaps she wanted to learn. Perhaps school is a great place to be!

While I do not expect 3rd level students to run all the way to College, wouldn't it be great if all were as enthusiastic about going to class just like the girl on my way into work this morning? How can we motivate students to do this? How can we motivate students to want this? We are in the first week of Semester 1 here in NCI, and all the classes are full - enthusiasm everywhere (though I haven't seen anyone running to class!). Sadly, this enthusiasm will wear off as we go into the long 13-week semester and Winter sets in.

As an educator myself, I was delighted to see such enthusiasm from the primary school girl this morning. Long may she want to go to school!

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