Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Choir Boy!

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Last Monday evening I did something that has been on my mind to do for quite some time - I joined up with a church choir. Dorothy S persuaded me to join her in the St John the Baptist Church Choir in Blackrock where I was made very welcome for practice. Thank goodness I didn't have to do an audition!

It has been a long time since I read music (I did up to grade 5 in the piano!). I found it difficult to recognise some of the notes, but was able to participate to some extent. They have me singing bass, and I even had to sing parts for some hymns. They like their Latin Chant, and I only recognized one hymn in the whole practice session. I brought home some sheet music to practice - it will not be easy for me to get into the swing of things. I was the only guy there - I am told there are two more who no doubt will make it easier to get going. 

I enjoyed the evening, the ladies of the choir were good fun and did not put me under any pressure. I'm not turned off so far, and it might even do my soul some good and get me into Heaven!

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