Monday, September 19, 2011

How To... Make a YouTube Ready Video With PowerPoint 2010

Since starting to create videos for upload to my Learn with YouTube channel, I have used various tools to create the videos. They are mostly made with Camstudio and Windows Movie Maker. Recently I have begun to use the audio recording options that PowerPoint offers. I simply create my presentation slides as normal, and then record the voice-over for each slide one at a time. When finished I save the presentation as a Windows Media Video (.WMV) which can then be uploaded to YouTube. The .WMV file size is quite large, but that doesn't really matter any more. My most recent video below is about how to do this: "How To... Make a YouTube Ready Video With PowerPoint 2010":

This actually took a bit longer to make. With Camstudio for example, I record the video in one take from start to finish. If I make a mistake I record it again. Usually I'm happy with the video as long as I don't make a major mistake. But when I was recording one slide at a time in PowerPoint, I found myself recording each slide over and over as I tried to get the recording a little bit better each time. I don't do this when recording the whole video in one shot. Some slides I must have recorded them more than 10 times before I was happy.

I'm feeling a little bit of excitement building as the view count for the channel edges close to half a million views. Last Thursday the view count for a single day went over 2,000 for the first time. At the current rate (484,571 views as I write this post) - I should pass the half a million mark before the end of the month!

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