Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Cat in the House

I don't have a name - please help!
I came home this evening to find that my daughter (her name is Claire - I put this here so that the whole world can see it!) had brought a kitten home. She told me that other cats were going to kill it and that she saved its life (I didn't believe her!). She even bought a litter box, food bowl, and some food. Sure - the cat is cute (see photo), but I didn't want a cat in the house.

I grew up on a farm with lots of cats and dogs - plenty of room for them to run around and catch mice (we do have mice in the house). I liked cats. But I don't believe that a small garden and a city dwelling are suitable for either cats or dogs. The two main reasons (there are others) why I don't want a cat are: pee, and poo.

However, we are keeping the cat (it's still a kitten - maybe about six weeks old). My two daughters are so enthused with the creature that it's hard to be hard-hearted, and I really don't want to be a spoil sport. I'll see how it goes. It's just a kitten, so there will be toilet accidents. The kitten needs a name - Claire suggested "Marilyn", in an effort to gain my approval. Cute and all as the kitten is - it does not come close to Marilyn Monroe!

We need a name for the cat - all suggestions welcome.