Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GOAL Jersey Day - 7th October

I've done something at the College today that I have not done before - I have launched a charity event in the hope of raising funds for GOAL's appeal for donations to help with water and sanitation programmes for schools. The idea is a simple one - wear your favourite sports jersey to work and donate €2 to GOAL for the privilege of doing so. GOAL Jersey Day is on 7th October next. Lots of schools and work places do this - I think it's a first for NCI?

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It started out as a simple mention by me in a conversation "GOAL Jersey Day - that sounds like a good idea, we should do this" - but then I had to follow up. I contacted GOAL and they were obviously very willing for NCI to participate in the event - they are sending out posters and collection boxes. While the number of staff in NCI is quite small (just over 100), the Student's Union are also involved. With a bit of luck we should collect a handsome sum for GOAL.

I plan to wear two jerseys on the day (that will cost me €4!) - in the morning I will wear my Wicklow GAA jersey, and switch to my Preston North End jersey for the afternoon. I'm hoping that as many staff as possible with wear their jersey on the day - those that don't will still be pushed for a donation. This should also add a dash of colour around the place, and should also reveal the inner passions of my colleagues for their favourite teams!

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