Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Breakfast in Avoca

We decided as a family (minus Kate) to head off to Avoca in Kilmacanoge for breakfast this morning. We missed breakfast time by 10 minutes (11.30 is still too early to stop serving breakfast on a Sunday morning!). However, the folks in Avoca had no problems in providing breakfast. I had fancied Eggs Benedict which I had the last time I was there, but they were not available this time - I settled for a BLT bap.

My favourite bread from Avoca.
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Avoca was very busy, though not nearly full. They have plenty of tables and chairs, and lots of delicious food for breakfast and lunch. Avoca is certainly surviving the Recession very well - it's not a cheap place, but people obviously feel that it is value for money. It is excellent for a treat at not too high a price.

It is also popular with people of all types. I saw people reading the paper over a coffee, an older couple having an early lunch (with wine!), and also people with young children and babies. The trouble with small children is that they cry when they bang their heads off a table - but this happened only once so not too much crying to listen to. Overall - a very pleasant breakfast.

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