Sunday, September 04, 2011

Roma's 50th Birthday Bash

We had a big celebration in our house last evening for Roma's 50th birthday (actual birthday was 30th August). She also used the occasion as a fund-raiser for The Niall Mellon Township Trust as she is off to South Africa again in November for the Building Blitz. She had asked for people to donate to the Trust instead of bringing presents and thanks to to all her family, neighbours, and friends she raised well over €1,000 from the evening. Incredible generosity from all.

We decided early on that we would get caterers in to do all the food - we settled on a hog roast from the wonderful people at Tao Hog Roast. Riaan and his colleagues arrived at about 11 o'clock in the morning to set up in our garden and we had a pig cooking on a spit all afternoon and into the evening - ready for about 9 o'clock.

The birthday girl with Riann of Tao Hog Roast.
This both a fun and delicious way to cater for a large party. We had the smell of cooking in our garden all afternoon and evening, and everybody thought that the meat was just fantastic. Tao also provided spuds cooked in the spit, and fresh Greek salad. They also do all the plates, knives, and forks - and even take away all the dirty plates! The Tao guys are very professional and very friendly - thoroughly recommended!


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