Monday, November 16, 2009

Tricked by HMV in Liverpool

While in Liverpool last month I purchased the new remastered Beatles CD box set - it cost £179. I felt this was expensive, but worth it given the euro/sterling exchange rate. It was also a nice feeling buying it in the home of The Beatles. Anyway - the Sales Assistant (who was very helpful) persuaded me to sign up for a purehmv card, especially since the purchase was going to be worth a lot of points. I was told I could use this in any HMV store, including Ireland and on-line - this sealed the deal.

I only remembered the card this evening and went on-line to register. Well Surprise! Surprise! - you must be a UK resident and have a post code to register (see screen grab). There is even a useless option to select your country from a very long list on the registration page. Now I'm not really too bothered about this as I do not buy much in HMV - but the Sales Assistant informed me that I would start off with almost enough points for a £10 voucher as a result of my purchase. I feel tricked - a lot of Irish people go to Liverpool and I'm sure that the Sales Assistant, who knew a lot about the purehmv scheme, should know that it was a waste of time getting an Irish person to sign up?

In protest at this (admittedly small) faux pas I will tear up the card and not purchase anything from HMV this Christmas. There is a price to pay for annoying your customers!

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