Saturday, November 14, 2009

30,000 miles of riding!

Just noticed on my odometer that I passed the 30,000 mile (that's just over 48,000km to those of you in decimal land) mark this week on my Harley-Davidson motorcycle. While no doubt that a few of these miles were by mechanics road testing the bike after a fix/service, but I have enjoyed almost every mile. There was one day in pouring rain in riding through Wales and England (see Rain, rain, and more rain! post) - I am normally lucky with the weather.

I have the bike almost seven years (since January 2003) - so that just over 4,000 miles per year. This is not actually a lot - two trips, one to Portugal accounted for 3,210, and one to France accounted for 2,072 miles. This is just over one sixth of all my miles. For the rest - it is mostly in and out to work (15 mile round trip), I don't use the bike every day, sometimes taking a bicycle.

I hope to keep the bike until I can no longer ride when I'm an old man! This should give me another 25 years or so riding, which if using the mile rate above will mean that I will ride another 100,000 miles.

So - here's to the next 100,000 miles!

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