Monday, November 23, 2009

Problem-Solving Techniques: #1 Pareto Analysis

I have started a new series of videos on YouTube - "Problem-Solving Techniques". I plan to do several of these over the next few weeks and months - hopefully up to about 20 altogether. The first one is about Pareto Analysis and is 6 minutes and 50 seconds long. It is a quick summary of what Pareto Analysis is all about. Here's the video:

I haven't recorded a video in several weeks and it took several takes to get above done. I made this by creating a series of slides in PowerPoint which I saved as .TIF format (this is good quality for graphics). I then recorded the audio at my desk using Audacity and imported both the .TIF graphics and the audio into Windows Movie Maker. I'm pleased with the quality of the graphics and audio (though I still "Eh" and "Um" quite a bit).

More videos on the way in an effort to promote my new book.

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