Thursday, November 26, 2009

Problem-Solving Techniques: #2 Value Analysis

The second video in my series of Problem Solving Techniques has now been posted to YouTube and also embedded below:

I plan to create about 20 of these videos which are based on problem solving techniques from my book "An Introduction to Business Systems Analysis". At the end of each video I shamelessly plug the book - from now on I will mention that all royalties from the book will be donated to the National College of Ireland Foundation. The videos in the series I plan are as follows:

MoSCoW Analysis
SIPOC Diagrams
Weighted Scoring Model
Project Network Diagrams
Cause and Effect Diagrams
Use Cases
Check Sheets
Capacity Planning
Pareto Analysis
Simple Estimation
Value Analysis
Work Volume Measurement
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Activity Sampling
Cost-Benefit Analysis
SREDIM Process Improvement
Flow Charting
Radar Charts

If this is successful (and I have not yet decided what my measure of success will be) I may follow on with several more. Walter Michalski's excellent book "Six Sigma Tool Navigator: The Master Guide for Teams" contains no less than 222 analysis tools. While my own book is a very modest effort at describing problem-solving techniques, I am also interested in the power of the Internet and will use Blogger, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube to promote the book.

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