Saturday, November 07, 2009

My first Debs Ball

I was at my first Debs Ball last evening with Kate and her classmates from John Scottus School (JSS) at the former Berkeley Court Hotel. Having gone to an all-boys boarding school (CCR 1972-1977) I did not have a Deb's Ball, though when I went to FCJ Bunclody I could have gone to its Debs Ball - but I chickened out.

Kate looked beautiful (click on  photo to see for yourself!) - the guy standing to her right is her very proud Dad. Kate's partner Luke, her friend Viv and her partner Mekon came to our house for a glass of bubbly before we set off. We had a Reception in the School before going down to the hotel. There were quite a few parents in attendance. All the JSS kids looked great - many obviously spending hours to get ready! They were all having a good time.

After dinner, the parents adjourned to the quieter surroundings of the piano bar for more chat. We left about 12.30 after a very enjoyable evening. There was no ceremonial pomp or speeches (just one presentation to Jessica the organizer) - so my first Debs passed off peacefully.

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