Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not once, but twice....


This evening I had to stop for petrol at Texaco just past the Merrion Gates. Just as I was finishing I noticed an idiot (man) in a Merc lighting up and then driving off - no more than 2 metres from where I was standing with a petrol nozzle in my hand. Clearly the "No Smoking" signs did not apply to him! Go ahead stupid and smoke yourself to death, but try not to take the rest of us with you in a fireball in the middle of a petrol station. Just when I was getting over this, another idiot (this time a woman in a more modest Nissan) did exactly the same thing in the same place!

Now how stupid can people be? As Niall Toibin once said "They don't come much thicker than that!".

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