Sunday, November 22, 2009

I hate Graffiti and all other Italian foods

This morning I had the pleasure of painting over some graffiti on the outside wall of my house. "CC+V->" decided to leave a mark - he/she/it has written on other walls in the neighbourhood. I don't know whether to be angry or just laugh at this. Since Man lived lived in caves he has been writing on walls - leaving marks that people wonder over thousands of years later. "My" graffiti artist's work lasted on a few hours on my wall - it will not be available to archeologists to ponder over in years to come.

What makes people write on walls? Some graffiti is quite good to look at, but most meaningless scrawls do nothing for me. This type of Graffiti Tagging is supposed to be a personal signature - no doubt there is a caveman's desire in the mind of the graffiti "artist" to leave their mark for posterity. Or is it just pure vandalism - the result of a juvenile alcohol inspired act of destruction?

I have often thought that there should be a punitive tax on the spray cans that are used to deter graffiti artists with high costs - legitimate users of the spray cans can claim back their tax. I am lucky that in the 15+ years I have lived in this house that today was only the third incidence of graffiti on my wall (the first was by my own daughter Kate and a neighbour Fraser). Across the road my neighbour has constant difficulties with graffiti - CC+V-> also marked his wall.

So - my message to graffiti "artists" is: Get a life, and sign your real name if you've got the balls.

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