Monday, January 18, 2016

Using YouTube Videos for Exam Preparation #349

When I first set up my YouTube Channel it was with the intention of providing videos primarily for my own students. The channel took off with more than just my own students viewing the videos - indeed, viewers from Ireland are just a small fraction of the overall number of views. 

My most recent series of videos was again aimed at my own students - these were about conducting statistical tests by hand. Effectively, I conducted each test as I would have in class, and crucially: how I would have expected students to do so in an exam. There are over 100 students studying the Business Data Analysis module and they sat an exam (set by me) on the morning of 12th January last. It was interesting for me to see if the videos I created were used by the students. While I can't tell who the viewers are, I can tell (using YouTube Analytics) which countries the viewers come from. Here a chart of the last 28 days view figures for just one video:

Of the 298 views, 219 were from viewers based in Ireland. Given that the majority of the views happened just before the exam took place (the peak is at the day before the exam), I think it is safe to conclude that most of these viewers were revising for their Business Data Analysis exam. This pattern is repeated in all stats videos on the "By Hand" playlist.

It is interesting to note that most views were just before the exam - are students leaving their revision very late at almost the last minute? Or are they just using the videos as a refresher before the exam? I can't tell if students have viewed the videos more than once, but the figures suggest a lot of last minute revision for this exam. There might be a paper in this?

It is gratifying that the videos are being used for the purpose intended. I have not marked the exams yet (and if I had I would not comment about it here) - hopefully the videos were a help for both revision, and understanding the content.

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