Saturday, January 09, 2016

Miami Beach #358

Today we travelled down to Miami to see one of America's most famous cities. We intended to go to Downtown Miami, but ended up in Miami Beach. As today is Saturday the traffic was very busy and the street and beaches were crowded. We found parking easy enough (in a big American car park) and then went to the beach to dip our toes in the Atlantic. We then went to a bar without realizing it was the Ritz Carlton - one round of drinks: $70! Here a my three beautiful daughters just before the drinks arrived:

Perhaps the main attraction in Miami Beach is the Lincoln Road Mall - a great pedestrianised street with lots of high street shops, bars, and restaurants. We had pizza on the street - reminding ourselves how cold it is at home! We went into lots of shops - I just bought a Stars and Stripes cover for my phone.

Driving to and from Miami Beach was interesting. The highway was at least four lanes wide and I've noticed that many Americans like to speed and cross multiple lanes at a time. The road network here is brilliant and makes our M50 at home feel like a country lane. Nevertheless I enjoy driving here, though I am jealous of the many Harley-Davidson riders (no helmets!).

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