Saturday, January 16, 2016

Seámus Quinn RIP #351

While I was away in the US my Uncle Seámus Quinn passed away after a short illness. He was 87 years old and was married to my Godmother and Aunt Breeda (O'Loughlin). Because of being away I was unable to attend his funeral which I would very much like to have been at to support and grieve with the Quinn family. Both Seámus and Breeda were always very good to me and I miss them both - I have fond memories of visiting them in Portaferry, Co Down.
Seámus Quinn (with Chris Finnegan, left) at my Mum's 80th birthday party in Dublin, 27th August, 2014.
When I was a student in Trinity I had many opportunities to visit Seámus and Breeda in Portaferry as I stayed many times in the Queen's University Marine Biology Station there. I always got the warmest greetings at their house on Windmill Hill. Indeed the last time I saw him was during my trip around the Northern Ireland coast in the summer of 2014 was in Portaferry. Again he was delighted to receive me and we had a great conversation about the Northern Ireland coastline - specifically his beloved Ards Peninsula. He also admired my Harley-Davidson and I think he would have fancied a "go" on it if he was younger. I recall a few miles after leaving him that I had forgotten to take a photo of him with the bike - I thought to myself that I would be back again soon. It was not to be, and I regret now not having turned back to get the photo. 

Rest in peace Seámus, I know that you are happy to be with Breeda again. I hope they have a wee Black Bush above in Heaven!

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