Sunday, January 03, 2016

Christmas Shopping #364

I wrote this to share with my daughters before Christmas...

So... there I was chatting to the sister last Saturday and I asked about what her grandson Dan would like for Christmas.

"Hollister" she says - straight off, "size 10-12 year old"

"Jaysus" says I (to me self) "Isn't that stuff expensive?" (again to me self)

"Leave it to me" says I to the sister, "Where can I get it?"

"Dundrum Shopping Centre" she says - again straight off.

Right - it's off to Dundrum I have to go.

So...there I was this morning on the Harley passing everyone out at the lights on the way to Dundrum

No problem parking for me - I'm on a bike and I can park where I like. I chose Roly Saul's as the place to park. #FeelingSmug!

In I walk, no idea where Holister is. Eventually I find my glasses to read the computer to search for "Hollister".

A man comes up to me - "Are ye all roight there mate?"

I'm tempted to tell him I'm not his "mate", but say instead (in my best South Dublin accent) "Can you please direct me to the Hollister Store?"

"No problem mate" he says - "up the escalator and it's straight to your left, Happy Christmas".

I thank my new best friend and head off to the escalator, already getting warm inside my heavy biker gear. #FeelingSweaty

I pass by Hollister twice before I see it having walked up and down the hall twice. #FeelingSweatier

I walk in and go straight to the nearest sales assistant and ask for "something for a boy, 10-12 year old" #FeelingLikeAProfessionalShopper

"What size?" says he - I reply "10-12 year old".

"We don't do boy's sizes" says he, "how about an XS in men's?". He shows me a trackie which would cover Dan from head to toe with a lot to spare. #NowWhat

Then I get a brainwave - "Would there be anything in the ladies department that might fit?" #Genius

A nosy lady interrupts us "Oh My God no - if he sees a girl wearing the same thing in the park he'll kill you!" #BestAdviceEver

"That's it - he's getting a football" says I, and remove my sweaty body from the shop #LetMeOutOfHere

There's NOTHING in Dundrum Shopping Centre.

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