Sunday, January 24, 2016

Looking Ahead to Semester Two #343

Tomorrow is the start of a new semester at the National College of Ireland, and it is both a busy and exciting one for me. I will be teaching the following modules:

Business Data Analysis
Higher Diploma in Data Analytics
Advanced Business Data Analysis
Higher Diploma in Data Analytics
Advanced Business Data Analysis
BSc in Technology Management
Managerial Foundations of Information Systems
BA in Management of Technology in Business
Business Systems Analysis
Certificate in Business Analysis

Above is one module more than I normally do - so it will be busy getting through this lot. I'm guessing there are about 160+ students in the combined classes. The Advanced Business Data Analysis module is a brand new one for me (it follows on from the Business Data Analysis module). I've had to brush up on statistical techniques such as Multiple Linear Regression, Multiple ANOVA, and Factor Analysis. Also I will be using the R Programming language in this module. I'll be keen to emphasize that it is not a programming module as we will be using R packages mostly. Nevertheless, I'm expecting this to be a challenging module. 

An extra challenge is that for the first time I will have a BYOD (bring your own device) class, students will be using their own laptops during the new Business Data Analysis class in a normal lecture theatre as there is huge pressure on labs in the College due to the success of our Springboard courses. Hopefully this will work out OK - this is on Monday nights and due to Easter Monday we will lose a class that I cannot afford to do in order to cover all the content.

While working on the Business Systems Analysis module, I will be updating the content for the module due to the release of the BABOK v3 last year. This will also mean an update to my Introduction to Business Systems Analysis book which I hope to get done before the semester is complete. There's also a re-submission of the Higher Diploma in Data Analysis course as we are adding a Data Visualization module, this in turn requires a reshuffling of other content to fit it in.

It's good to be challenged!

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