Friday, January 15, 2016

Back to Work #352

If I needed any reminders that my holiday in Florida was over I got them this morning and today. Sub-zero temperatures this morning made us feel at home (not!), while this pile of 210 exam scripts was waiting for me at the College:

I'm always slightly nervous in starting to grade exam scripts. Most of these scripts are in award years, and I am fully aware that a student's future may well depend on a grade that in my judgement which I award based on the answers in front of me. Grading takes a long time - an average script (if all questions are answered) may take 15-20 minutes. This means that this pile could take up to 4,200 minutes (or 70 hours). However, I know without opening them that there will be some excellent scripts and some poor ones - with the rest in between. The average time is likely to be less than 10 minutes in many cases. Here's hoping that the grades will reflect the effort put in by each student.

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