Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No Guns & Ammo, but Outlets #355

One of the things we thought about doing while in America was to go to a shooting gallery and fire a few rounds. However, the spoil sports Americans insisted on first taking a course, and no drop in shooters. How better to overcome the disappointment of not being allowed to shoot than to go to an outlets park. Not.

When you pick up a guide to the Palm Beach Outlets, the smallest section is the Men's section. I was fed up within seconds of parking the car, so I decided to walk around rather than into each shop. Eventually I did go into a Sunglasses Hut, but as I break my sunglasses on a regular basis I was not interested in anything over $20 - sadly the $250 Ray Bans did not tempt me.

Usually there should be a gadget shop or a DIY store to keep the lads busy while the girls check out last year's fashions, but not here. The only thing I bought was an ice-cream, but it was delicious!

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