Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 - A Year To Look Forward To #366

For many people in Europe, 2016 will possibly be marked as the centenary of the Battle of the Somme - especially in Germany, France, and the UK. A great slaughter of about 1,5 million young men which began on July 1st 1916. But here in Ireland it is the death of 15 men that marks out 1916 for us. The Easter Rebellion has iconic status for many Irish people who looked back on it as the foundations of our Republic. As it happened before Partition and the Civil War divided the country it is an event that many can look back on without divisiveness.

When I was learning Irish history in school during the 1960s and 1970s, it effectively ended at 1916 and the War of Independence. I have no recollection of the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 1966 - I was not yet seven years old and was in the senior infants' class. My Mum tells me that when she was in school they had to learn the 1916 Proclamation off by heart - I don't remember if we did this.

I'm looking forward to the 1916 commemorations. I have several books to read and still have to visit sites like Arbour Hill Cemetery where many of the Rebellion leaders are buried. Perhaps I'll blog a bit more about it - one of my resolutions for 2016 is to post on every day if I can!

Easter Proclamation of 1916.png
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