Saturday, October 13, 2012

The World According to Eugene

I am experimenting with new names for my blog - "Eugene's Blog" is a bit boring. Having written before about how most of the blogs that made the list of finalists in the Blog Awards Ireland 2012 list had such cool names, I have decided to try to come up with a different name. Maybe I might even come up with a cooler name?

I first thought of "Eugene's World", but that is already taken in Dr Who (see Wikia) - similarly "Eugene's Web" is already in use. As I rant a lot on this blog I wondered about "Ranting for Ireland", but somebody beat me to it and created a blog with the same name (there are no posts on this blog).

I also thought about taking a line from a song or a poem - but nothing seems to come to mind yet. I'm just not good at thinking up names. My first effort I know is a bit tame - "The World According to Eugene". Expect to see the name change over the next few weeks as I try to come up with something I like.


  1. Can I humbly suggest a song title from one of my favourite bands ...,_Eugene