Monday, October 08, 2012

Drama on Stillorgan Road

This morning I came upon an accident on the south-bound side of the Stillorgan Dual-Carriageway outside the RTÉ offices - it was a big pile up involving seven cars. I must have just missed it happening as the traffic behind had not yet built up. 

Image source: Irish Independent.
The traffic heading into Dublin was (as usual) static and I'm sure plenty of people had a ring-side seat to this accident from the other side of the road. Four people were injured, and all the cars looked to be in a right mess to me.

There is a fascination with accidents - passers by are often accused of "rubber-necking". WTF else are we supposed to do - speed on by without a care in the world? My own reaction was to keep on going, and at the same time hope that nobody was hurt. The fire-brigades and ambulances heading to the scene soon indicated that people had been hurt.

But another reaction was that I wished I could whip out my iPhone and shoot some photos and/or video. I was already wondering how many people had tweeted the scene, and how much action the accident triggered on social media. Coming home later there was a collapsed elderly man being tended by an ambulance crew on the Blackrock bypass. Tonight I hope that all involved are safely tucked up in bed and that tomorrow will be a safer day on our roads.

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