Wednesday, October 10, 2012

YouTube takes aim at TV stations’ audience with 60 new channels - Irish Independent

YouTube is taking over the world - according to Monday's Irish Independent, maybe they are.

YouTube is planning lots of new channels and will become the medium of choice for viewers of shows and programmes - they are going to grab this space, but it will be over the dead bodies of the TV and movie studios. The Internet is fast becoming a source of TV programmes and movies - I can even watch Sky on my iPad.

In the Indo article, a YouTube spokesman is quoted as saying that they want to “lure television advertisers and viewers” from traditional TV. The article goes on to state that "YouTube’s 800m viewers watch a total of 4bn hours of footage on the platform each month, and while the top 25 US YouTube channels each attract more than a million viewers a week". YouTube may soon be the market leader - what are the consequences for TV companies?

Already in my house the computers are watched more than the TV, renting a DVD or video is a thing of the past. We don't have Netflix (yet) because of the shit Eircom service that we have in Blackrock - but this could replace Sky Movies.

We are seeing another revolution my friends - and as an evangelist for YouTube in education, I embrace this technology and hope that it becomes the future soon. Well as least for a few years until the Next big Thing comes along!

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