Friday, October 05, 2012

50 Years of "Love Me Do" - #LoveMeDo

On 5th October, 1962, The Beatles released their first single "Love Me Do". I have no recollection of this momentous event in music history as I was just about to turn three years of age a few days later. It was probably another 3 or 4 years before I even noticed it as the radio in our house was rarely tuned to anything but RTÉ. Later, we did have a record player and we were given a Beatlemania 45" record which had six Beatles songs on it including "Love Me Do". We played it over-and-over and John Lennon's harmonica is one of the sounds of the 60's for me. Since then I have always loved The Beatles and play their music all the time. 

To mark this historic date I took the photo below in front of my only Beatles poster from the 1979 movie "The Birth of the Beatles". 

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