Saturday, October 06, 2012

Something weird is happening to broadband in Blackrock

Some time ago I was informed by an Eircom engineer who came to my house to fix a connection that the  8 Mbps line that I pay for is only capable of a max of 4 Mbps. 

Today, after moving my router to the centre of the house I did a quick speed test and have seen the highest ever figure that I have recorded - 4.28 Mbps. How is this possible on a 4 Mbps line? Are Eircom finally doing something about their shitty broadband service in our area? I have discovered via Twitter that Eircom are rolling out fibre broadband in our area - indeed it is available at the other side of the road at the end of my garden. Will they beat UPC? On 14th September last I wrote about UPC installing cable on our road, but nothing has happened since. 

The race is on between UPC and Eircom for customers in Blackrock!

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  1. I have Eircom line as well but am through Magenet & on a so called 4Mb line I get near 7. Give Magnet a try.