Sunday, October 14, 2012

Open Day at Manchester Metropolitan University

Yesterday, my daughter Vicki and I headed over to Manchester for the day as MMU were hosting an Open Day for prospective students. Vicki wanted to check out some courses and I came along to see MMU too.

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Ryanair got us from Dublin to Manchester - flights were cheap as there was no United/City game on in town this weekend. A train from the airport got us right to the MMU campus - at least the College is easy to get to.

We attended the first "Welcome" event for the School of Arts and there is no doubt that some very talented people went to MMU. We were shown some wonderful ideas and work, it sounds like an ideal College for artistic people. We found the staff very helpful - there was a small army of student "Ambassadors" to point us in the right direction. The academic staff were very helpful and easy to chat to - everybody made us feel very welcome. The facilities are great, though we could not see into the new Arts Building as it will not be finished until the end of this year. My overall impression was very positive, and Vicki liked it too!

We met my brother Brian who was also in Manchester for lunch in Revolution on the Oxford Road. It was good to see him as we don't meet up that much given that the Irish Sea is in the way. Revolution has a love of vodka and I had a delicious burger with a vodka salsa that didn't really taste of vodka. We had a great table at the window looking out onto what we were told is the busiest bus route in Europe.

Manchester is a very cosmopolitan city with up to 80,000 students based there. It was my first visit there and all I can say is that I wish I was 18 again and starting out in a University like this.

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